4 Project ENGAGES Students Join PoWeR Lab

We are pleased to welcome 4 students from Atlanta high schools into the PoWeR Lab as part of a year-long research program (Project ENGAGES). Esmeralda Vazquez, Wendy Nevarez-Sanchez, Jeremiah Newman,…

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CAREN is Up and Running

The newest piece of equipment for the PoWeR and EPIC labs is officially ready for use! The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) is a virtual reality environment complete with a…

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PoWeR Lab NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

The PoWeR Lab had a great outcome from the NSF GRFP this cycle - second-year Mechanical Engineering PhD student Jordyn Schroeder received an Honorable Mention, and second-year BioEngineering PhD student…

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PoWeR @ Atlanta Science Festival

The PoWeR Lab was out in force for the 2019 Atlanta Science Festival. It was great to have over 100 families over to our research space from all over Atlanta…

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HipEE Arrives!

Thanks to our colleagues at the Stanford Biomechatronics Lab we have a brand new hip end effector for our Humotech system! This will help us explore how best to assist the hip during locomotion, and how that assistance influences muscle mechanics. Ben is excited to get started!


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Carbon Fiber Insole Study Recruiting!

The PoWeR Lab is seeking volunteers for a study investigating whether carbon fiber insoles affect running mechanics and energy expenditure. If you are >18 years old, have run a 5k…

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We now have a fantastic new VICON motion capture setup in our shared space with the EPIC Lab! This system, together with a robotic ramp and stair platform, movable in-ground…

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HuMoTech @ PoWeR Lab

The PoWeR Lab has a new cable-driven exoskeleton and prosthesis emulator from HuMoTech! Thanks to Josh and Carl for setting us up and teaching us the ropes! (Pun intended)

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Blade Runner

Check out the work our postdoc, Owen Beck, is helping with at the University of Colorado Boulder! https://www.colorado.edu/today/2018/08/24/leep-faith-cu-scientists-testing-worlds-fastest-blade-runner

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