PhD Dissertations

Jonathan Gosyne

PhD Mechanical Engineering (2022)
Merging Terradynamics and musculotendon Neuromechanics: Towards wearable robots for augmented human locomotion on non-uniform surfaces

Laksh Kumar Punith

PhD Robotics (2022)
Neuromechanics And Augmentation Of Muscle-Tendon Actuators In Unsteady Cyclic Tasks

Pawel Golyski

PhD BioEngineering (2022)
Tuning biomechanical energetics with an exoskeleton to improve stability during walking • PDF

Emily McCain

PhD Mechanical Engineering (2021)
Understanding the Neuromechanics and Energetics of Clinical Gait using Joint Restrictions to Impose Asymmetric Stepping • PDF

Jonathan Doering

PhD Biomedical Engineering (2018)
Understanding Musculoskeletal Changes with Aging: Stiffness in Muscle-Tendon Units and Cellular Crosstalk • PDF

Richard Nuckols

PhD Biomedical Engineering (2017)
Effects of Elastic Angle Exoskeleton Stiffness and Walking Speed on Human Locomotor Performance from Whole-Body Energetics to Individual Muscle Neuromechanics • PDF

Michael Bruce Wiggin

PhD Biomedical Engineering (2014)
Characterizing optimal performance of a passive elastic ankle exoskeleton during human locomotion • PDF

Benjamin Robertson

PhD Biomedical Engineering (2014)
Linking form and function: Frequency-phase coupling in biological muscle-tendon unit and the impact of exoskeleton assistance • PDF

Gregory Sawicki

PhD Kinesiology & Mechanical Engineering (2007)
The mechanics and energetics of walking with powered ankle exoskeletons • PDF

MS Theses

Jacob Stephens

MS Biomedical Engineering (2022)

Max Anderton

MS Mechanical Engineering (2022)
Design and Manufacturing of a Multi-Degree of Freedom Hip Exoskeleton for Balance Assistance • PDF

Michael Brown

MS Biomedical Engineering (2016)

Neuromechanical adaptations to real-time biofeedback of the center of pressure during human walking • PDF 

Audrey Westbrook

MS Biomedical Engineering (2014)
Testing the functionality of a vibrotactile ankle foot orthosis to prevent foot drop and assist push-off • PDF

Nabil Khan

MS Biomedical Engineering (2013)
A data-driven muscle-tendon modeling framework to evaluate muscle level performance of ankle exoskeletons during human walking • PDF

Caitlin Mahon

MS Biomedical Engineering (2013)
Individual limb mechanical analysis of gait following stroke • PDF

Austin Hampton

MS Biomedical Engineering (2012)
Linking mechanics and energetics of post-stroke walking: Towards a muscle-level understanding • PDF

Phil Matta

MS Biomedical Engineering (2012)
Is youth baseball safe? A computational and experimental examination into reducing youth baseball injury potential • PDF