September 2019 Publication Update

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Three papers have been recently published by our lab. Postdoc Emily Abbott, Postdoc Owen Beck, and former Postdoc and now Lecturer at University of Queensland Taylor Dick are first authors of the following articles currently In Press:

Dick TJM, Punith LK, Sawicki GS (In Press) “Humans falling in holes: adaptations in lower-limb joint mechanics in response to a rapid change in substrate height during human hopping”. J. Royal Soc. Interface. (2019).

Beck ON, Punith LK, Nuckols RW, Sawicki GS (In Press) “Exoskeletons improve locomotion economy by reducing active muscle volume“. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. (2019).

Abbott E, Nezwek T, Schmitt DO, Sawicki GS (In Press) “Hurry up and get out of the way!: Exploring the limits of muscle-based latch systems for power amplification”. Journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology. (2019).