Lindsey Trejo

Ph.D. Student, Bioengineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2018 – Present)
M.S. Biokinesiology, University of Southern California (2018)
B.S. Biological Systems Engineering and Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2014)

Lindsey is an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow and Goizueta Fellow in the bioengineering PhD program. She is advised by Dr. Sawicki where she studies the ability to transfer passive and active ankle exoskeletons for the elderly. She is also working on characterizing muscle-tendon dynamics to improve the understanding of the physiological effects of aging and the interaction with ankle exoskeletons. She hopes this work will lead to easily accessible ankle exoskeletons for older adults to remain independent and have a fuller life. During her spare time she enjoys crafts, working on cars/motorcyles, days at the lake, and hanging out with her dog Ruby.