Arshad Mandani

M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering (2023 – present)
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2023)

Arshad is a Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering interested in exoskeletons, human performance, and sports science.  His research is exploring the use of ankle exoskeletons as a form of resistance exercise training.  Specifically, Arshad is researching the influence of assistive versus resistive ankle joint torque on the neuromechanics and energetics of walking.  Arshad completed his undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech and has work experience in engineering product design at Coca-Cola and markerless motion capture for 3D athlete tracking at Intel.

In his free time, Arshad enjoys playing/watching/learning all types of sports, especially basketball, and is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.  He also enjoys spending time with his family, exploring Atlanta, baking, and learning new things!